Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday at The Biggest Loser Resort

My hike today was a disappointment. They ended up taking us on an adventure hike around snow canyon. It started out ok there was sand and lava rocks and some small inclines.

The picture on the bottom was some rocks I climbed up and was scared, but I did it!! Our lead guide today was Megan, this 21 year old little blond dynamite. She is daring, quick, and in my opinion insane. She is scares of nothing. So our next "adventure" too the group along the side of a mountain. She mentioned to me that I might want to go with Dennis another route becuase it would be extreme heights. I took her advise and did that. I missed being with my group. They are so much fun and today was our last day together on a hike. We are doing a hike tomorrow buy it was one we signed up for and I am doing stop sign with sherri. Last time I made it to the stop sign in an hour and half. We have set a goal to make it there in less than an hour.

Breakfast was fruit and egg sandwich with turkey bacon. It was ok.
After breakfast we had another workshop for parting guest preparing for plan when we get back home.
11:15 stretch class. I noticed today I have gotten alot more limber than I was on Monday.

Lunch was a potato and brocolli soup. I forgot to take a picture of it. We also had what they called a sloppy Joe. It was not any kind of sloppy Joe I have ever had. It was turkey and different. Not my favorite
After lunch another workshop, then circuit gym class
Next was my favorite class from the whole week. Johns popular Disco Jam. It was much fun. I let loose and burned tons of calories. Here is a picture of his disco outfit below

Last class of the day was a
Pool class. Erin really worked us in the pool. She had us doing shoulder work with our arms our of the water. They were burning. The wind picked up while we were in the pool. It was COLD. After class alot of us DARTED for the jacuzzi.

Dinner was salmon burger and Brussel sprouts. I made myself eat two of the brussel sprouts, but that is all I could do. The salmon was pretty good
Desert was a fruit skewer. I forgot to take a picture of it. It had a strawberry at each end, kiwi, and pineapple in the middle. It was good.
We did not have a lecture tonight after dinner. They did have movie in the aerobics room but I chose to just come back to my room, shower and relax.

Calories in today. 1260
Calories out today. 3300 plus a pool class.
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  1. did you guys make it in less than an hour? we did west canyon, i wanted really bad to make it to the end, we got off to a late start so we didn't have as much time, i was just short of the end. too bad.

    do you think you'll go back to fitness ridge? wouldn't it be fun to do a reunion week?

    have fun at graduation and a safe flight home!!