Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Biggest Loser -- Get Texas Fit 5K

What an exciting day it has been! I just got through watching the episode of The Biggest Loser that was filmed a little over two months ago in Dallas. I participated in the 5K and had the opportunity to meet and talk to the contestants that were still on the show. At last I am able to share with you about the most inspirational day of my life!

I went to the 5K not knowing if I was going to be able to participate in the actual race, but arrived early JUST IN CASE! At the time of the filming, on TV we had only seen 6 weeks of taping, but the contestants were actually in Week 15. So since it was only 6 weeks I had not really gotten a chance to fall totally in love with anyone in particular. Let's face it, the yellow team was barely on the show after being sent home the first day. The person I most identified within those first 6 weeks was Ashley. She reminded me so much of myself, therefore I was hoping I was going to be chosen to be on her team (plus it would be a COOL PINK SHIRT). Well I was standing in line waiting to get my shirt and God was in control and the lady chose ME near the back of the Line to be on the ORANGE team. I can remember getting the shirt and thinking GREAT this thing does not even fit. I remember walking to the ORANGE team bending with my knees IN MY SHIRT trying to stretch it out. Since there was still two members of the GREY team and YELLOW team, there teams were enormous and LOUD! Our little Orange team bonded and got to know each other a little before heading out to the Cotton Bowl.

Once we got out to the Cotton Bowl, they lined everyone up and instructors from 24 Hour Fitness proceeded to warm us up. WARM up was more like Aerobics! I remember getting out of breath and thinking, "and I still have to run a 5K". After the workout they lined us up in front of the starting line by team colors. We then turned around and could see the contestants at the top of tunnel. It was extremely exciting! I got goose bumps and it may as well been a Rock Star walking down that path! We broke into groups and asked Daris questions. I kind of stayed in the background during that process being shy, but when we were lined back up in front the starting line, I started asking him questions. My concerns were how I was going to overcome the soreness the day after the 5K. I used to do the Susan G Komen 5K every year (without training) and my feet and legs would be killing me afterwards. He had told me to drink plenty of liquids, take some ibuprofen, and ice my knees if I needed. Since I had only seen the first 6 episodes the main thing we knew about Daris at that time was he had never had a girlfriend. Well before the race all kinds of girls kept coming up to him and wanted to get their picture taken with him. I smiled at him and told him I did not think he was going to have ANY TROUBLE getting a girlfriend now! I did not think of it then, but I wonder if him and Ashley like each other more than friends? Their mom's sure were close. Only time will tell.

Since this is "filming", the director had us do the "START" three times. I jokingly told Daris, "does this count as our first mile?". Daris told us that he was planning on running the 5K as fast as he could trying to beat his own time. Then he would be back for every last one of us. I jokingly told him "OK, I will be at the end waiting on you!" He told me not to worry, he would be back for me. So the REAL start began -- and we were off. Daris told us good bye and I told him I would see him soon!

Once out of the Cotton Bowl, the crowd started breaking up a bit and I was able to find my cousin, Amy, who was on the pink team. We caught up with Ashley a little bit up the way, and I told Ashley how she reminded me so much of myself and how much of an inspiration she was for me. She shared some of her own struggles with me, and Amy and I shared ours with her. A little bit later, we started doing sprints with her. She was AWESOME! She was leaving me behind. When I started the race, I had my inhaler in my pocket, but my goal was not only to finish the race, but not have to pull the inhaler out of my pocket. So when I got out of breath, I stopped and walked and my cousin ended up coming back to me.

Next we caught up to Michael. Michael is the one that on DAY 1, Episode 1, I looked into his eyes and told my daughter that HE is going to be ONE HOT MAN! So let me tell you, he made my day! In front of each contestant there was a golf cart with a camera, sound, and producer (maybe that is what they are called). He asked the producer in front of him if he could talk to JUST his team or anyone. They told him anyone, and he did a bee line right to me! While doing so, the producer yelled for him to ask about my story. I proceeded to tell him about my blog and how I was determined to get Thin in 2010. I told him that I have been overweight for the majority of my life, and this is the year! He shared a lot of his own experience and once again my cousin recommended that we do sprints. So we took off with Michael and once again I hung with them for a little bit, but had to back off. My cousin was a full quarter of a mile ahead of me before she stopped and waited on me. : )

About that time, Daris ran by and told me -- "I will be back for you." He was going to make sure there was not anymore Orange members further behind. There wasn't. I was the last and he soon returned to my side. We talked for a while. He asked me my story. I told him that I had gotten above 200 lbs while pregnant with my 1st child at Age 18 and have not been below 200 since. I again joked and told him that I can not blame this on baby weight any longer. : ) He told me that I sounded like his mom. I guess that was her reasoning as well. We talked all the way to the finish line, jogging once we got into the stadium. As soon as we crossed the finish line, I gave Daris a hug!
After crossing, my cousin is yelling for me to come into this tent. Little did I know they had all sorts of freebies in there. I was able to get a Brita pitcher, Brita water bottle, and a Biggest Loser game for my daughter's DS. I had been wanting a workout video and especially the wii game, but those were all gone by the time I got across the finish line. As we came out of the tent, a producer came and tapped me on the shoulder and asked if he could interview me. I remember thinking, OMG maybe I will get to be on the show! Well he put his head right next to the camera and told me to look at him and NOT the camera. Do you know how hard that is? EXTREMELY! I was smiling during my interview and I now know WHY the contestants always cry on the show! That man was trying to get me to cry! Seriously! Well the director hollered that the last of runners were coming through so they wanted everyone near the finish line. So I went back to the crowd and joined my cousin. We cheered them on and then a lady came and asked me for my contact information. I still was thinking OMG, maybe they really like me. LOL

Once everyone was assembled, Allison announced that 7 lucky people were going to be given a week at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge and a year membership to 24 hour fitness. I remember I was so nervous and wanted this so bad, I was getting sick to my stomach. I remember seeing Daris off to the distance, but I did not want to look at him because if he had not picked me, I did not want him to feel BAD! I mean he could only pick one member from his entire team! Well they called him to the front and to be honest, I don't remember exactly what he said -- something like the person he picked had an inspirational story and he chose STEPHANY! At the moment I was in SHOCK! And had I been more focused, I would have realized that there was a camera man strategically located directly in front of me! LOL As soon as he announced my name, that camera guy turned the camera right on me. I made my way though the crowd and gave Daris yet ANOTHER HUG! I talked a few moments in front of everyone to Allison Sweeney. I remember she asked me if the 5K was more than I had anticipated. I told her "NO, this is the Biggest Loser and I knew it would be GREAT!". I really figured that would have ended up on the show, but am a little disappointed that they did not show us get chosen.

Well after the interview with Alison, the same producer came back to me and asked if he could "finish our interview". I said sure. He pulled me off to the side and while I was waiting for him to find the camera and sound guy again, it sunk in. I WON! I AM GOING TO GET TO GO TO THE BIGGEST LOSER RESORT! OH MY! I HAVE NEVER WON ANYTHING!! A field of emotion came over me and I started to sob! It was out of control. Just in time for my interview. There was a time that I had the "ugly crying face" and I said "I can not wait to call my mom. She wants me to lose weight! My daughters want me to lose weight". I REALLY figured that would have been shown tonight! LOL I am relieved that it was not! LOL

So that is my story! I am EXTREMELY excited that I will be taking my journey to The Biggest Loser Resort May 16th, less than 3 weeks from now! I have really come a long ways since I participated in that BL 5K. In my preparations for FR, I have increased my workouts and intensity. On Sunday, I walked 7.5 miles! I am so thankful for all the GREAT family and friends that have helped me through my weight loss journey. I am officially down 41 lbs. Since the show was recorded, I have lost 31 lbs. I had wanted to lose at least 20 before the show aired and I surpassed it by 11 lbs. Now I am working towards losing at least 8 more before I head to The Biggest Loser Resort. I want to thank you all for your continued support !!



  1. What a great story! Thanks for sharing. I am a big Daris fan too. He seems like such a good guy. Best of luck in your weightloss journey!

  2. How exciting. I still haven't watched last night's episode but have it recorded. I'm guessing it's this episode where they do a 5k out on some cotton bowl. I can imagine the adrenaline building while you were there. Is this how you ended up coming to the BLR? Or had you already been planning on going? Very cool story. :)

  3. I finally got around to watching the episode and only having ever seen your prior profile picture...I totally saw you!! Now seeing the pix you posted, I was right :) What an amazing experience and I'm so happy that you won the stay at FR. I wish they had profiled you on the episode in addition to those others. But still, what a great life experience :)

  4. That's amazing!!! Congratulations. I watched that episode and it was so inspiring. I'm also from Texas, by the way. :)

  5. Keep up the good work!! You are worth every bit of it. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational day with me. We changed more than our own lives that day.